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Start company 25 JUNE 2009

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    ASAS Contracting group is a leading construction corporate with EPC capability in Oil & Gas, Civil & Power sectors, Operating in Syria with Branches in Cyprus and some other countries.

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    ASAS had been Established by an individual Businessmen whom translate their own Experience in the field of oil & gas industrial services to form a wide range company fully aware of Maintenance & EPC Projects Requirements.

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    Since opening in 2009, ASAS with its steadily bounce by the vision of ASAS board members with challenging & determination to shape ASAS with a short Period by an advantage managing & planning of all related issues, gaining fully trust of all clients, Shareholders & customers by increasing ASAS capabilities’.

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    While its start-up in March-2009, ASAS carved its success way with a big contract in Syria which is: Operation Maintenance Services – A.F.P.C & Shell & with this contract, its reputation was glowing by continues success through gaining numerous awards.

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    Within less a few months, in fact at September- 2009, ASAS won another contract & with this new one, ASAS had achieved the Competition stage with the other international companies, either domestic rather than foreign ones. This contract was also at Syria which is: EPC contract of North Al Hussein Gas Project– S.G.C Syrian Gas Company.

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    Throughout this accomplishment of unique & major projects by increasing all ASAS capabilities’ in accordance with statically analyzing of varying demands to reach the good performance that will show the way to the big gate of fame & success.

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    ASAS spinning its wheel with the direction of awarding different projects with different techniques for more declaration that ASAS is willing of trust & it is competent to all kind of services & obviously this can be reflect through nonstop of its activities upon matter of force majeure like in Syria.

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    Nowadays ASAS has a worldwide presence with offices in two countries (Cyprus & Syria), employing approximately 4,000 people.

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    With a rich experience in the field of construction in Middle East, ASAS have built-up its reputation through its excellent services and high standards of workmanship.

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    ASAS, at times are ready to go out of its way to fulfill its commitments so that ASAS win over the most difficult challenges with its head held high, Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery & technology Experts has a sound team of Professional and Para-Professional staff to assure Quality Services at the best on their own end.