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Values , Vision & Mision


ASAS is truly believed that nobody can remain successful consistently without these listed Core Values:

Challenging & Determination

Management & Workmanship






ASAS Core Values are not product benefits or advertising claims.

They form the bedrock of conduct on which we, the people of Experts, will always build our business.


Enduring Success (Provide Solution for a Future of Success)

ASAS’s Vision is clear. It looks forward to be a major company, well organized, well diversified business institution serving most of the Arab World in the industrial, construction, trading fields as well as specialized Maintenance services and construction management.

A Group that is willing and able to expand its activities and services to be rated among the largest specialized entities in the Middle East. Further, our vision is to maintain and improve our leading position as a contractor whose reputation is built on the ability to completely satisfy customers by providing services with high quality.

As specialists in their respective fields, our teams of professionals are dedicated to a standard of excellence for quality and performance, through continuous development, which will set standards in our industry. We are simply providing solutions for a future of success.


ASAS’s Mission is to provide our part of the Arab World with local and reliable Services in a variety of specialized sectors and vital products and to create respect & trust. Employment to thousands of personnel Last, but not least, the group aims to set a good example of its basic and traditional business philosophy which has always been to:

“Hire well, Train well, Pay well and Treat well”