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ASAS One Direction to goal zero harm

One Direction is ASAS’ enterprise-wide integrity management framework.  It consists of simple statements (expectations) that describe the way we work across key areas of our business.  In meeting these expectations, we align our business, and establish the foundation for achieving our vision of industry leadership in zero harm.

 The One Direction expectations set the minimum standard each and every person at ASAS must meet. It aligns every individual, team, group, project, contract, location and region to work as ‘one’ ASAS.

The expectations link directly to our business processes which control key areas of our business where we must operate with integrity to achieve our vision. These areas include leadership, risk management, health, safety and the environment, engineering, procurement, construction services and quality.  By each of these functions delivering consistent high quality outputs early in our delivery process, we set ourselves up for success when we reach high risk phases of our work such as Maintenance & construction.

We apply the One Direction framework to assess our own business performance to determine what is working well and what needs extra focus.  This process of continuous improvement enables ASAS to work with our people to reinforce a culture to sustain our drive to be an industry leader in delivering zero harm, while at the same time delivering the highest quality services to our customers.  

When we work with our customers and partners we also apply our own internal expectations to engage them in the same common goal of zero harm.

The One Direction expectations serve as a frame of reference to identify the differences between our own expectations and our customers or partners’ expectations. When we identify any gaps, we use One Direction as the minimum standard by which we work. If the customer or partner has more stringent expectations, then we use theirs. In this way, we always have a line of sight between our work delivery and our organizational integrity and zero harm vision.

The result of aligning our entire business and meeting these expectations means we understand our customers’ needs and consistently provide them with high quality services; it means our people arrive home safely every day; it means we positively interact with the environments and communities we operate in; it means we have the integrity to do the right thing by our customers, partners and ourselves. 

Simply put, One Direction and its goal of zero harm to our people, assets and zero environmental incidents is very important to our organization. It adds value to our customer’s and partner’s business. It is a holistic long term approach to delivering with integrity and is the basis of globally consistent performance.

Elements of ‘One Direction:

Leadership and governance

Risk management

Caring for our people and the environment

Selection and competency

Working with our customers


Working with the supply chain

Field activities

Management of change

Critical incident avoidance, response and recovery

Incident and behavior analysis

Assessment and improvement