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Doubyat-North Al Hussein


The project involves dismantling of al Doubyat gas gathering station which was running on for 15 years normally, but due to lack in gas wells at that area, the decision made for shifting it to North Al Hussein field for new construction with new design of process and tie in of 6 wells (including well head skid construction) to the station.

The gas pipelined to the North middle area by constructing a new transmission pipeline (36 km) along with fiber optic cable. ASAS responsible for engineering and procurement activities and issue last revision of process and instrumentation diagrams "approved for construction" with configuration of all control system of facilities to SCADA system.

This Project is marking as one of first ideas at Syria for shifting a running station from its location to another one with development & modernization of it.



Syrian Gas Company SGC

Project Scope:

  • Review basic design of Al Doubyat and North Al Hussein.
  • Detailed Engineering for dismantle, transportation and reconstruction with all related procedures such as but not limited to: (Dismantling & test procedures).
  • Procurement of required Materials.
  • Maintain all Dismantling equipment such as but not limited to: glycol unit, vessels, and tanks.
  • Fabrication / Installation of Field Gathering Pipelines and Handling Facilities.
  • Installation of North Al Hussein Gathering System.
  • Installation of Sales Gas Pipeline to connect to the Existing Aleppo Pipeline (BVS 3902) and North Middle Area Gas Treatment Plant.
  • Installation of Product Storage and Loading Facilities.
  • Hydro-testing of Process/Utility Piping Systems.
  • Testing of Electrical/Controls.
  • Pre-Commissioning / Commissioning.
  • Start-up