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Rehabilitate The Existing 10" THAYYEM - ISBA Water Injection Pipeline (River Crossing Project)


AFPC & Shell JV – THAYYEM Field Has a production facility (CPF).

The produced water is exported from THAYYEM to ISBA Through 10” C.S P/L. The P/L at the crossing of the Euphrates River has installed in a 16” casing pipe.

An intelligent inspection pig had been run to log any deficiency in the P/L.

The result shows severe corrosion, therefore AFPC & Shell JV planned to insert a 6” P/L inside the 10” existing P/L section, where 10” P/L will be used only as casing pipe.

This project was large in scale the opportunity existed to try different installation options.


Although some numerical models and analytical techniques exist to predict the extent of the produced water spill in the river, these have not been widely used before in Syria in practice or adopted as a best management practice in the engineering design or environmental impact assessment for pipelines crossing critical watercourses . This project had been executed by the efforts of domestically employes from Syria.

Therefore it’s marked as the one of its kind in Syria in the field of Oil & Gas industries.



Al – Furat Petroleum Company AFPC & Shell JV


All Scenarios are Taking in Considerations with Best Solutions.


Trouble Shooting & Contingency Plan

Replacing The 10”Corroded River Crossing Section Line with a New 6” P/L with Highlighting Major & Special Equipment, Manpower as The Following:

  • Execution Statement.
  • List of Engineering Deliverables.
  • Drawing & Procedures
  • Organization Chart & Equipment List.
  • Including Site Preparation.
  • Construction of 6” P/L & NDT.
  • Pulling New 6” P/L Inside 10” Casing.
  • All Interconnecting Piping Spools at Both Sides of The River at THAYYEM & ISBA Completed with Civil Works.
  • Re-Furbish & Install 6” & 10” Launchers & Receivers Both Sides of River Banks with Painting & NDT Work.
  • De-Mob. &Reinstate the Site as Previous.


All safety issues are addressed as per AFPC, Shell JV & ASAS HSE manual including job safety analyses, permit to work, environmental compliance & transportation for mobilization purposes that the minimum recourses requirements for first AID, communications, emergency response, ...etc. are on site & available at work location.