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ASAS’s primary concern is the safety of its employees and every possible effort to mitigate the potential of risk seems less when one considers the changing scenarios that evolve on a daily basis in a business like ours. But we at ASAS challenge every hazard and endeavor to bring down the risk to a manageable level before our employees have to deal with it.



The implementation of our Occupational Health and Safety program is directed by the top level management, so as to ensure that all aspects under this domain are included in the program and managed as well as implemented to keep all personnel safe.

Our Safety programs include Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, Training & Communication including the awareness of statutory and regulatory requirements, Documents & Records Control for effective analysis and development of safe work plans.

These also include Identification of Emergency Situations and Defining of Response Plan, OH&S Performance Monitoring, Accident/Incident Investigation, Corrective & Preventive Action, Internal Audits, Management Review, etc.

Safety Policy

Safety Statistics

ASAS’s Safety Policy is to fully recognize the importance of Safety, Health, Welfare & Morale of all employees and also for ensuring a safe and healthy working environment at all times, in accordance with Management Health, Safety and Environmental General Instructions. More